Hello everyone! How is your day?

In this first term, Strada Bhakti Utama Junior High School joined some competitions from other schools, such as story telling competitions, speech contests, tennis table competition, comic contest, etc. Proudly, we would like to inform you, we won 8 competitions! Clap! Clap! Clap!

The first competition was on 13th of October, we sent 2 people from 8th grade and 9th grade to join a story telling competition at Charitasand our friend, Grace Andriana Pit from 8C got the first place. Then on 26th of October, we joined a comic contest at SMK StradaDaanMogot and our friend, Maria Aurelia from 9th grade got the third place. These are the other winners:

  1. 2nd place in story telling competition : Samuel Jeremiah (7C)
  2. 2nd place in speech contest : Imada Johana (8A)
  3. 2nd place in speech contest : Freesia Aryunia (8B)
  4. 3rd place in national karate championship : Ruben Manuel (9 )
  5. 1st place in tennis table championship : Kevin Salomo (9 )
  6. 3rd place in photography competition : Jonathan Kristianto (9)

Congratulation to all the winners! Hope with joining competitions, you will develop your talents. To those who haven’t won competitions, don’t be shy or scared to try again. Don’t give up! You can win in another chance.

That’s the end of this article. See you next time in the next Blonada! (Imada/8A and Freesia/8B)

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